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Getting Started

To trade on Forexster, please contact your financial institution, or contact us by e-mail for more information.

To arrange a guided demonstration of an example Forexster facility, please contact us by e-mail. If you have been given a WebEx meeting number, proceed to our Meeting Center.

Forexster WebEx Meeting


Before launching Forexster Workstation, you must install Java 5 or Java 6. You can download this at no charge from

Java - Get It Now!

Your browser will launch the Forexster application using Java WebStart when you click Launch Forexster.

When you click Launch, you should see a message such as "Java Loading." If instead a window appears asking if you wish to Save or Execute the file, then WebStart is not properly installed.

After "Java Loading" completes, a window should appear informing you of the progress of the Forexster download. If it does not, WebStart may need special information about your web proxy; please see our troubleshooting page or contact us for assistance.

Once the Forexster parts have downloaded, you will be informed by WebStart that "The application is requesting unrestricted access" and that the application has been signed by Click Start.

WebStart will also ask if you would like the Forexster Workstation to be "integrated into your desktop environment". This is completely optional, but will allow you to launch Forexster Workstation from a desktop icon instead of having to visit the Forexster website.

Finally, a Forexster login screen will appear. Enter the user name and password that we provided to you for the demo.


To remove Forexster Workstation, use "Add/Remove Programs" in your system's Control Panel.

Launch Forexster

With OpenGL

Without DirectDraw

WebEx Meeting Center

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